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173 Robertson Blvd.
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Brewer, ME 04412
EPA: MER000508127
US DOT: 2327455

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After I assessed the total amount of universal waste and electronic waste that Penobscot Community Health Care generates on a monthly basis, I decided to contact Electronics End, LLC. I had made their professional acquaintance as a residential customer a year ago and was very impressed with their scope of services, facility, staff, and most of all, their genuine sincerity in providing service to each of their customers, big and small.

Upon our appointment to contractually partner with Electronics End, LLC, I was further impressed by their professionalism and depth of knoweldge, They provided accurate and timely documentation that is regulated by the Department of Environmental Protection and make my job as the Universal Waste Coordinator worry-free. Bruce and Kristy exemplify what a Maine-based company is famous for- down home hospitality, and awesome work ethic, and a genuine sense of being made to feel you are number 1!

Kudos to the entire crew at Electronic Ends, LLC. I value you as a vendor and appreciate your friendship!

John Ward,
Facilities Coordinator,
Penobscot Community Health Care


Thank you so much for your wonderful donation of monitors and mice to our school program. We thank you for your generous contribution and continued support of the Good Samaritan Agency. Your donation is greatly appreciated by the agency and the clients we serve.

Debbie A. Giguere
Executive Director
Good Samaritan Agency