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Electronics End Is Your E-Waste Solution

We offer an E-Waste Management Service with an objective of providing an eco-friendly solution for your residents, businesses, hospitals, schools and municipalities.  Let us design and implement a program specifically for your needs that will control your Universal Waste and Electronic Waste streams.  Our professional team has worked with many towns and organizations to help them stay in compliance and reduce their total cost.  E-Waste is the fastest growing section of the waste stream and Electronics End can help you get in front of this expanding expense.  New technology is making current electronic items obsolete at a faster pace.  The proper disposal of these items due to their toxicity and complexity is becoming a growing concern.

We offer on site freon recovery and evaculation services.

Freon recovery is simply removing refrigerant from your refrigerator, freezer, air conditioner, or dehumidifier. Our licensed technicians pump the freon into a DOT approved cylinder by product type. We use separate cylinders for each type of freon so it can be reclaimed. We work with many Transfer Stations in Maine to remove the freon so they can dispose of these appliances with their metal recycler.  Electronics End partners with a national EPA certified company who has a state of the art plant that cleans the freon and ensures the purity of the recycled freon for reuse.

Benefits to Transfer Stations and Businesses

Our experienced technicians will come to your site and help you with your recycling needs for all types of lights, batteries, used IT items, E-Waste and Universal Waste.  We provide the packaging and expertise to make your recycling requirements successful. Electronics End is both a DEP licensed facility for demanufacturing and a State of Maine Consolidator.